The First Webpages

These are my students' first go at creating a webpage. They have to choose a topic related to their lives, and give some advice on it.

Each webpage must contain the following HTML elements: external link, image, ordered and unordered lists, and tables.

2nd Period 5th Period
Alex's 10 Goal Setting Steps Austin's Tips on 15 Qualities to Look for in Friends
Amy's 5 Test Taking Tips Damian's Ways to Resolve Conflicts
Arslan's 12 Ways to Get Control of Your Time Daniel's 10 Tips to Enchance Creativity
Avery's 7 Keys to School Success Daniel's 9 Tips on How to Break-up with Someone
Brandon's 10 Ways to Learn New Words Dominic's Come-backs
Brian's 6 Ways to Remember What You Study Esteban's 10 Tips to Solve any Problem
Derek's 10 Tips for Procrastinators Ethan's 10 Tips for Talking to your Parents
Francisco's 10 Reasons why Goals are Worth Having Gaston's Method to being a Conversationalist
Jason's 5 Keys to Success in Life Gaylan's 4 Myths about Frienship and Dating
Jonathan's 10 Great Reasons to Have Good Manners George's 5 WaysTo Build Your Self-Confidence
Jorge's 5 Steps to School Success Giovanni's 5 Ways to Taming Temper
Joseph's 19 Note Taking Tips Joseph's 10 Rules for Fighting Fair
Josh's 5 Ways to be a Better Speller Kaitlyn's Top 10 Reasons For Looking Hot
Katrina's Test Preparation Tips Keone's 7 Good Times to Ask Your Parents for Something
Luis' 12 Keys to Your Future Career Kevin's ways to handle betrayal
Mark's 8 Do's and 5 Don'ts for Class Discussions Khalia's 9 Ways to Tell when Someone is Lying to You
Monica's 4 Things to Do when Someone Tries to Cheat Off You Kimona's 5 ways to Handle Embarrassment
Nick's 20 Reasons to Take Notes Martin's 5 Ways to be A Great Listener
Patrick's 10 Ways to Handle Hate Words and Slurs Marvin's 12 Reasons to Tell the Truth
Robie's 9 Benefits of Doing Homework Michael's 6 Reasons to Keep a Journal
Sean's Steps to Stress-free Studying Nooran's 6 Pillars of Character
Tony's 7 Steps to Say Thank You Ramzi's 7 Mistakes of Self-Esteem
Simran's 10 Ways for Having an Amazing Relationship
Wesley's 8 Tips for Asking Someone Out