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Child Abuse

It's Evil

Child abuse is one of the worst forms of abuse. Kids sometimes bully one another without taking it seriously. Some people discriminate automatically without noticing how much it hurts. Some people thing that it right to harass gay people. But only a very evil person can abuse a child. Only the worst of the worst can handle looking in a child’s eyes while they are crying and continue to cause them misery.

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Types of Child Abuse


There are several types of child abuse. The first is physical abuse. Physical abuse is when pain is inflicted by physical assault. The pain of physical abuse can last longer than the wounds, for the traumatizing memory of being abused can be too much for a child to bear. Sexual abuse is when a child is forced to engage in sexual actions against their will. It is like sex offending, except it happens to kids who are far too young to experience it, especially when it’s against their will. Emotional abuse goes much farther than physical or sexual abuse. It is when someone intentionally tries to inflict emotional pain on a child, which can permanently change their life for the worse. Examples of emotional abuse include verbal insults, destroying things of value to the child, or humiliation. Neglect is when a child is deprived of basic needs such as food, shelter, or clothing.

Physical Abuse

It Can Scar Someone for Life

Being abused as a child can permanently scar someone more than anything. Not only is the child too young to be able to cope with the abuse, but the memories could haunt them for the rest of their life. The results are especially bad is the child is abused by their parents. After all, if you can’t trust your own parents, then who can you trust? Some children actually blame themselves for what has happened, which can lead to self resentment. Some children resort to alcohol and drug abuse when they get older.