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Discrimination is one of the hardest problems to control. There are too many people who want everyone to be just like them, so they enforce that by mistreating people who are different. One of the most common examples is discrimination against different races. People love convenience and when it comes to judging someone, judging them by their race is the easiest thing to do. Usually it involves just one look at someone. But it’s wrong. A rational person would judge someone by their personality, not things as trivial like the color of their skin. How can you tell how someone is on the inside only by looking at their outside? Racism, along with other forms of discrimination, is something born out of ignorance and fear of the unknown.

And that’s the nice racists. The others legitimately think that people who aren’t the same race as them are inferior. Our guess is that these people have low self esteem and try to make excuses by thinking they are part of a superior race. Ironically, these people make their entire race look bad. That’s why there are some people who think that all white people are racist, because of the select few with low self esteem.


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Another type of discrimination is against people with certain ideas. There are many different groups of people who have many different world views. An example would be political parties. Normally these groups confront each other in civilized debates, but that’s not always the case. Some people treat ideological differences far too seriously and hate people who have different opinions than them. Some people even use violence to force people to agree with them, which is Fascism. Hatred of people with different opinions is one of the best ways to tear a country apart: by making it at war with itself.

Political Parties

Sexual Orientation

One of the most serious forms of discrimination is against people of certain sexual orientation. If someone is LGBT, that is one of the hardest things for someone to accept, so many people simply don’t. Many LGBT people try to hide it, but when other people find out, life becomes a nightmare for the victim. Many people have the idea that being LGBT is a choice, and if you chose it then that means you are committing some sort of crime. It can be debated whether someone’s sexual orientation is a choice or not, but on thing is clear: whether or not you are going to harass someone for it is a choice, and it’s one that no one should chose. You may think that LGBT people are weird, but it’s not your job to force them to change. If you really can’t stand them, just ignore them. Harassing someone, sometimes to the point of them committing suicide, is wrong.