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A sexual offense is a terrible thing to do that nobody wants to happen to them. It’s a crime, it damages, and it traumatizes. Men are the most common to commit this crime since when they have the “desire” that’s hard for them to control. It’s not a necessity so there really isn’t much of a reason to cause so much trouble to an innocent person and change their life forever. Whenever someone sees the opportunity to offend, they usually go for it without thinking about the other person. Or they may see themselves as “ugly” which will make them lost hope of getting their “desire” the traditional way. It’s hard to spot the sex offender in a crowd since it can be anyone. It could be the happiest and most cheerful person there or the most depressed and sad person. Always be aware of the surrounding areas and the people that lurk around.

Rosemary Mowls

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It Hurts

Sexually offending someone will traumatize them dramatically and not only make them lose trust in other people, but also change the way they act towards them. If someone were to be molested at a young age, it could change the way they view the world forever. They may see the world as a dangerous, urban area that can never be trusted and they will always attack the ones who get close, instead of seeing it as a big wonderful playground to explore. You never know what will happen when someone is forced to do something against their will.


The best solution to stop sexual offending or any type of abuse is to make sure people don’t think you are vulnerable, even if you are. Sex offenders are often cowards and try to target people they think will be easiest to manipulate. The first thing to do is never talk to strangers. Yes,it has been said many times, but talking to strangers gives them the idea that you basically want to be manipulated. Try not to walk alone, because someone walking down the street with no one guarding them is a very easy target. If you think someone is preying on you, report them here and carry around some sort of weapon.

Don't Talk to Strangers