One of the Worst problems in the World

Our world is suffering from one of the toughest crises ever: poverty.


You can save millions of lives,by donating to any one of the charities listed on our website.According to Wikipedia,"The greatest mortality in Africa arises from preventable water-borne diseases, which affects infants and young children greater than any other group. The principal cause of these diseases is the regional water crisis, or lack of safe drinking water primarily stemming from mixing sewage and drinking water supplies. Much attention has been given to the prevalence of HIV/AIDS in Africa. 3,000 Africans die each day of AIDS and an additional 11,000 are infected. Less than one percent are actually treated. However, even with the widespread prevalence of AIDS (where infection rates can approach 30% among the sexually active population), and. Clean potable water is rare in most of Africa (even those parts outside the sub-Saharan region) even though the continent is crossed by several major rivers and contains some of the largest freshwater lakes in the world. However, many of the major population centres are coastal, and few major cities have adequate sewage treatment systems. Although boiling water is a possibility, fuel for boiling is scarce as well. The problem is worst in Africa's rapidly growing cities, such as Cairo, Lagos and Kinshasa."

A quarter can feed one person for a whole day,more money can be used to get fresh drinking water,or treatment for the widespread diseses most are afflicted with.

Thank You for helping.,Your assistance was much needed for helping families in Africa and Ethiopi get by everyday


We appreciate your help.