The Basics of Soccer

Hello! On this site, you will learn about the basic aspects and rules of soccer, or "football," as it is called outside the USA. If you are thinking of becoming a player or simply would like to learn more about the game, then this is the place to do so. Also, you may access a short quiz on this site to test your knowledge of this information. Enjoy!

If you are looking into becoming a referee, click this link to read a detailed referee handbook.

Soccer Picture

What is Soccer?

Here are the components you need for a soccer game:

  1. One grass or turf field, about 75 yards by 110 yards.
  2. Two soccer goals placed on the midpoints of each endline.
  3. One soccer ball.
  4. Two teams with eleven players each. (22 total soccer players)
  5. At least one referee, preferably three.

Here you will find the main rules and principles of the sport of soccer.

Here you may access a quiz to test your knowledge, and here you may access the quiz answers.