gauntlets of brain-breaking conundrums


A puzzlehunt is an event requiring several teams of two to ten people. (occasionally, puzzlehunts accept individual players, but this is rare.)
All teams involved must solve a series of several puzzles, normally 21 or 31 puzzle, though this isn't a standard.
Whether at one specific location, over multiple locations, or on an online website, usually within a set amount of time.

Unlike other puzzle types, the styles of puzzles created and put in puzzlehunts vary wildly, even within individual puzzlehunts.
Codes and ciphers tend to be used a lot in puzzlehunt puzzles, such as the Caesar cipher or Roman numerals.
Sometimes it might included other puzzle types themselves such as Jigsaws, Sudokus, Picross, or Word Searches.
However, all puzzlehunt puzzles will have an answer that is almost always a word or phrase, with an occasional number or symbol.

Some puzzles (usually a smaller set of 4 or 5) are connected by one "meta puzzle", which utilizes the solutions/extraction method of every puzzle in the set.
This means that all puzzles with their solutions used in the meta puzzle must be solved first.
There also can be a "meta meta puzzle" which uses the solutions of all the previous meta puzzles in a meta puzzle.

A solved puzzlehunt puzzle, the solution is 'LASTING'.-- A puzzlehunt puzzle that is almost solved.
-- To get the real solution, you might need a 'black eye'

-- :)