Fishing: A Gateway to a New Frontier

Fishing is the ultimate sport. There are so many different types of fishing, that are all unknown to common people. This website will focus on a few methods that I, personally, find extremely fun and challenging: fly fishing, saltwater fishing, and bass fishing. For those of you that are new to the world of fishing, I encourage you to stick with it and not allow yourself to be intimadated by the more extreme fishing. Fishing, invented as merely a method to obtain food, has evolved into a form of thrill and excitement for extremists, and a way to get more money for the greedy. Of course, you don't want to get carried away or be greedy.


I will give you just a brief overview of this crucial problem. Overfishing has been a constant antagonist because of demand for seafood products. Overfishing could potentially lead to the extinction of an entire species, if not only ruining the ecosystem.

This graph represents the cod take in millions of pounds, showing the collapse of this fishery.

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