Your generic run in and slash enemies down class. Warrior excels in dealing a great amount physical damage to enemies while soaking up their hits. Very few of the Warrior classes however help their parties out with protecting the members of the party. Most go straight into the fire and deal with the enemy up close and personal, dealing tons of damage. As a Warrior, you're expected to deal a large amount of damage to the enemy and soak up the hits.

Types of Weapons for Warrior Use Warrior Classes
One-Handed Sword Hero
One-Handed Axe Paladin
One-Handed Blunt Weapon Dark Knight
Two-Handed Sword Kaiser
Two-Handed Axe Dawn Warrior
Two-Handed Blunt Weapon Aran
Spear Hayato
Polearm Demon Slayer/Avenger
Katana(Hayato only) Zero


The spell casting class. Magicians dish out a lot of magical attacks to deal with enemies far away. Some Magicians help out with utility, giving the party a multitude of buffs that increase stats including attack power. They can also deal with enemies having high physical defense as Warriors and other classes cannot deal with them due to them dealing physical damage out. As a Magician, you're either expected to sit back and buff your party members up, or help the Warriors out with defeating the enemy.

Types of Weapons for Magician Use Magician Classes
Staff Bishop
Wand Ice/Lightning Archmage
Shining Rod(Luminous only) Fire/Poison Archmage
Fan(Kanna only) Blaze Wizard
Scepter(Beast Tamer only) Evan
Battle Mage
Beast Tamer


That one ranged character that always shoots with a bow. Archers, like Magicians, shoot down their enemies at a distance. They deal physical damage however, unlike their magical counterpart. They are very good at taking down enemies one versus one but can still rain their arrows down on a group. Archers can assist their party members by increasing their critical rate to hit harder via buff. As an Archer, just rain down arrows on any enemy you see in sight.

Types of Weapons for Archer Use Archer Classes
Bow Bowmaster
Crossbow Marksman
Dual Bowguns(Mercedes only) Mercedes
Wild Hunter
Wind Archer


A quick, hard hitting class but very squishy. Thieves deal physical damage to their enemies and can inflict damage over time. The difference between each class is their range. Thieves can either be melee range like Warriors, or be ranged like Magicians or Archers. Both have their pros and cons but can still deal a large amount of damage along with their damage over time skill. Thieves can be in the back with Archers and Magicians, or be up in front with Warriors, both dealing tons of damage.

Types of Weapons for Thief Use Classes
Dagger Shadower
Claw Night Lord
Cane(Phantom only) Dual Blade
Night Walker


Swashbucklin' all over the place, Pirates leave their mark with bullets and punches. Pirates are the same situation as Thieves. They deal physical damage but can either be ranged or melee. They deal a massive amount of damage and are less squishy than Thieves. Pirates have a wide range of arsenal to use at their disposal. From bullets, to flying pelicans dropping bombs, and to their fists, they will let their enemies know to never mess with them.

Types of Weapons for Pirates Classes
Gun Corsair
Knuckle Buccaneer
Soul Shooter(Angelic Buster only) Mechanic
Thunder Breaker
Angelic Buster

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