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Spiral Knights is a mainly PvE (players vs. enemies) game with some PvP aspects. The PvE is basically almost a path with some offshoots that is guarded by enemies called the Clockworks. In some fights you can skip enemies but in others you must destroy them all before progressing. There are 6 different types of enemies and 4 types of damage you can defeat them with. The enemies will resist sometypes fo damage and also will be weaker to others. The 6 enemies are: Fiends, Undead, Gremlin, Construct, Beast and Slime. The 4 damage types are normal, piercing, elemental and shadow. All monsters are neutral to normal damage. Here is a table showing damage resistances of monsters:
↓Damage | Monster→ Fiends Undead Gremlin Construct Beast Slime
Resistant to Shadow Shadow Elemental Piercing Elemental Piercing
Neutral to Piercing Elemental Piercing Shadow Shadow Elemental
Weak to Elemental Piercing Shadow Elemental Piercing Shadow

The controls of the game are WASD and the game is rendered in 2.5D (basically a 3d interface without much movement on the z-axis). The end goal of a level is to reach an elevator that will either take you out of the levels or bring you deeper into them. There are also a few boss stages that give special rewards that allow you to purchase special items. The levels or depths are divided into a tier system. There are 3 tiers, the first being the easiest and the third the hardest. Tier access is also gear restricted, although you can circumvent this by inviting someone to your party. The parties cap off at 4 players but you can also run solo.

Picture of the elevator