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There are three main types of gear, weapons, armors/helms and sheilds. Weapons are some of your most important gear as they will be doing the damage to the enemies. Sheilds can protect you from getting hit. Helms and armors reduce damage when you are hit. I say that weapons are the most important because you should always try to dodge enemy attacks. There are 3 types of weapons, swords, guns and bombs. Swords deal heavy single target damage. Guns deal a moderate amount of damage from a distance. Bombs deal damage to crowds of enemies. All weapons have a charge attack which is acheived by holding down the attack button for a time period that depends on your charge time reduction. Swords and guns also have normal attack that is usually used in loo of the charge. There are a multitude of weapons but there are only a few that are viable due to their distinct damage per second increase they have over the others. Armors, helmets and sheilds are much the same. The most popular ones give attack speed, damage bonus and charge time reduction boosts. All of the other armors are made useless due to this. The image below shows a weapon charge.

Picture of a weapon charge