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Famous Muslims Description Image
Malcolm X Civil rights activist. Formerly of the Nation of Islam before converting to Sunni Islam
Keith Ellison First Muslim Congressman from Minnesota
Azhar Usman Muslim comedian from the United States
Aasif Mandvi Muslim actor that starred in movies like the Last Airbender
Lupe Fiasco Muslim rapper famous for singing songs like Battlescars
Hakeem Olajuwon Famous basketball player that used to play for the Houston Rockets
Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Famous basketball player that used to play for the Los Angeles Lakers
Husain Abdullah Muslim safety for the Kansas City Chiefs
Yusuf Islam Muslim singer formerly known as Cat Stevens
Doctor Oz Mehmet Oz is a Turkish doctor known by his stage name Dr.Oz
Suhaib Webb Muslim Imam that is a convert and is very well known in the United States
Janet Jackson Singer that converted to Islam after marrying a Qatari bussinessman
Zahra Billoo Civil Rights attorney for the Council on American Islamic Relations Bay Area Chapter (CAIR-SFBA)
Queen Rania of Jordan The Queen of Jordan
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