Dayz is a great game, that is currently being developed by Dean "Rocket" Hall, and his team at Bohemia Intertainment. The Standalone version is currently being worked on, and is looking great so far.

On this site, we will be creating tutorials, and charts on items in the dayz world. These will include weapon stats, first aid tips, PVP/Stealth, and other things, such as looting, crafting and base building, once it has been completed.

.50 update has been released!

The .50 update was released November 5th, and added a monopoly of different items, weapons, and mechanics.
The weapons added are the following: MP133, a new shotgun, that works very differently from the IZH-43. The Repeater Rifle, resembling a Model 1873, Winchester rifle. The AK-74, and the AK-74U. And the Derringer, a 2 shot pistol. Melee weapons include the sledgehammer, and brass knuckles. Also, a number of new articles of clothing have been added.
Overall, this update has added a large amount of stuff to the game, and the long awaited V3S is scheduled to be released in the .51 update!

To view the list of items, click here.To view blood types, and other medicial tips, click here. To view video and written tips/guides, click here.