Pointe and Costumes

One of the greatest milestones for a ballerina is getting your first pair of pointe shoes. On average, the ballerina will go on pointe at age 10, but the ultimate deciding factor is strength. It is crucial for the dancer to be strong and prepared to go on pointe, because it is extremely difficult and demanding. There are many different types of pointe shoes, and it is typical for a dancer to go through several pairs before finding the right type for your feet. Professional ballerinas work so hard that they go through several pairs of pointe shoes in one show! Of course, ballerinas spend hours each week working on their technique and preparing for whatever their next upcoming performance is. While classes and rehearsals are fun, there is do doubt that the most thrilling part of ballet is performing onstage in a dazzling costume. The tutu worn over tights is the most iconic type of costume, but there are other options as well. Hair is traditionally placed in a tight bun, and ballerinas wear heavy stage makeup so they do not look washed out in the spotlights. Getting ready before the show is very exciting and a great experience.

Pointe shoes

Top Three Brands of Pointe Shoes

  1. Gaynor Minden

    These shoes are popular among dancers because you can personalize things like vamp, heel height, shank hardness, etc. They also offer high quality ribbons, elastics, and toe pads.
  2. Bloch

    The 'Amelie' shoe is popular among beginners because the soft shank helps build foot strength.
  3. Grishko

    The 'Nova' shoe scored very high reviews because of the extremely durable material and extra layer of sound reduction. A classic from 2007, this shoe is ideal for beginners and advanced dancers alike.