Chevrolet Impala and Camaro

Background Information
History of Impala History of Camaro
Chevrolet's first Impala was made in 1957 and are still making Impala's to this day. At one point the Impala was Chevrolet's most affordable passenger model all the way up to 1965 and was America's best-selling automobile. The production on the Impala has been planned to end on June 1, 2019. Chevrolet's first Camaro was made in 1966 and they are also still making Camaros's to this day. When this car was made there were only 2 options to get for it, the two-door coupe or a convertible. In 2009 the Camaro started to be made again from the stop from 2002 and when made in 2009 the Camaro was changed to be more of a up-to-date vehicle.
The right is a photo of a 1958 Impala and the photo on the left is a 1970 Camaro.
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