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The Nintendo 2DS is Nintendo's most recent addition to their current generation of handhelds and was released in October 2013. The 2DS, which costs $129.99, is meant for consumers who are on low budget and just want to be able to play 3DS games, since you cannot play those on any other systems. The 2DS contains most of the same features that the 3DS and 3DS XL has, but one unique aspect to it is its slate design. It is non-foldable, making it slightly more vulnerable to scratches, but more durable as well. This makes it so that the 2DS may be better for young ones since they tend to abuse the hinge on clamshell designs. Additionally, the Nintendo 2DS is backwards compatible with DS games, meaning you won't have to sacrifice any of your old favorites, and comes with a 4GB SD card for storage. Overall, I would recommend the 2DS to people who don't care much about the 3D aspect and would just like to play 3DS games or for young children.