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The Nintendo 3DS was released worldwide in March 2011 and is the first device of Nintendo's current generation of handhelds. The Nintendo 3DS was the first of its kind and surprised millions of people with its innovative glasses-free 3D technology. The 3DS also comes with some new features, such as StreetPass and Spotpass, which allows the 3DS to connect to nearby Wifi hotspots with ease and share software content with other Nintendo 3DS's. The Nintendo 3DS can even take 3D pictures using its two back cameras. Additionally, the Nintendo 3DS is backwards compatible with 3DS games, meaning you won't have to sacrifice any of your old favorites, and comes with a 2GB SD card for storage. This version of Nintendo's current generation of handhelds is currently $169.99, and I would recommend this to people who want to experience Nintendo's glasses-free 3D technology for an affordable price. As of September 30, 2013, 34.98 million units have been sold worldwide.

Note: This color model of the Nintendo 3DS has been discontinued.