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Young Adult Novels, more commonly known as YA Novels, are a category of fiction published for youth. This genre was originally created to ease the transition from childhood to adulthood, and usually are about how a character matures throughout a situation. Though the Young Adult category is aimed at teens, these books are for anyone since every book can appeal to different age groups.


Most YA Novels fall into these popular categories:

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Utopian and Dystopian Fiction

Two book categories usually mixed into YA Novels are Utopian and Dystopian fiction:

  1. Utopian Fiction
    These are novels that are located in an ideal and perfect environment. These fictional societies are trying to create, or already have created, a perfect world. Though this category is called Utopian, most Utopian novels revolve around a "false utopia".
    - Brave New World
    - The Giver
    - The Hunger Games
    - Divergent
  2. Dystopian Fiction
    Dystopian books are the opposite of Utopian novels. Instead of an ideal world, the characters are placed in a world the author would consider the opposite of a utopia: usually a nightmare where the government is authoritarian or totalitarian, and there is constant warfare or violence.
    - Feed
    - Fahrenheit 451
    - Shatter Me
    - The Maze Runner
    - Legend

These two genres are sometimes used together to demonstrate the different choices humans can make, and where those choices might lead us.

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