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Below is a table showing all the new features and improvements
found in PES 2014 as well as the disanvantages.

Pros Cons
New graphics Same genetic faces
New movement system Hard to control player
New dribbling system Online not as good
Realistic crowd Bad commentary
Fast paced matches Less precise passes
New physics Unlicensed teams
New animation Confusing menu interface
Facial animation (emotion) Lousy artificial intelligence (AI)


Unlike FIFA 14, PES 2014 does not have that many license teams or leagues or national teams like FIFA does but it has license tournaments that many soccer fans have wished to play on FIFA for a long time. It has the UEFA Champions League, Libertadores of South America, Europa League and UEFA Super Cup. Its new graphics and physics are a step up than previous PES games, the new movement and dribbling systems back it up well But the horroble AI and especially the boring, painfully repetitive commentary in the game further kills PES 2014 from being better than this year's FIFA 14. Yet its new animation system especially the facial animation that shows the players emotions like happiness and fustration is a concept EA should consider for their FIFA series. PES 2014 is a good game to have fun and enjoy playing soccer with your friends or against the AI but its not at the competition level if you want to play online and win archivements and be the MVP online. I give it an 7 out of ten for its major improvements yet there's that feeling that it isn't complete and Much, Much, Much of improvement needed. I still rather play and pay for EA's FIFA 14 than Konami's PES 2014 this year.

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