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There are basic skills a gymnast must master to move onto more complex ones. There are some basic skills listed below.

Handstand: This is one of the most basic skills a gymnast should master. To the right is a picture of someone doing a handstand. Person doing a handstand
Gymnast doing a cast on bars Cast: On bars, the cast is the most basic skill a gymnast should be able to do. The picture on the left is a gymnast doing a cast on bars.
Splits: This skill will show up in gymnastics everywhere. There are also different types of splits like right, left, middle, and over splits. Shown to the right is an example of a girl doing the splits. Dancer doing the splits in the sunset
Girl going onto the vault Handspring on Vault: This skill is slightly more advanced skill than the others listed. A handspring on vault is usually the first vault skill that you learn however and a gymnast will develop it into more difficult skills like a full twist etc. To the left, the image shown is of a girl going oto the vault, similar to a handspring.
Backhandspring: This skill is developed from a back walkover. A gymnast will first learn this skill in a connecting pass out of a round off, however in more advanced levels a gymnast might do a series like: front tuck, cartwheel, backhandspring. To the right is a picture of a gymnast performing a backhandspring on the beam. Gymnasts performing a backhandspring on the beam
Gymnast doing a tapswing on uneven bars Tapswing: The tapswing is a skill performed on the high bar of an uneven bar set. A gymnast will do this before a dismout or can do it before a connection skill to get more momentum going. To the left is an image of a gymnast doing the tapswing on a set of bars.