History of Zombies

Zombies are known in almost all parts of the world. They were probably once human but came back from the dead either for revenge or human flesh. The most famous way zombies are created is either with a massive outbreak of a plague that couldn't be controlled, therefore turning humans into zombies, or an experiment that went wrong, therefore creating zombies. Zombies date a while back too. Haitian people(people from the country of Haiti) believed that humans can be resureccted from the dead with a magic know as black magic. According to Haitian Voodoo folklore, humans can only be resurrected by Voodoo priests named Bokors. Bokors study this magic day and night and now there way around it very well. The process for the revival of a human needs ingredients that aren't really well know, which might make this proccess quite difficult. African people also have the same history behind zombies as their zombie history also includes Bokors, black magic and other "more in depth" stuff. Zombies, even though phsycally intact are still dead and mindless beings who don't remember anything and think only of brains if they can.

Different types of Zombies

Zombies have been really popular during these years which has lead to the making and creation of many different types of zombies. These are just a few of the many zombies out there:

- Zombie

The typical zombie alone is limited on the harm it can cuase. It roams around akwardly usually in huge mobs and cant feel any pain. This zombie is much more dangerous when in groups as they can cuase a much more harm.


Crawlers can be suprising at times as they can be lethal while sneaking up on you. Crawlers are usually either created when something explosive goes off around the zombies radius, therefore taking of its legs and making it crawl or the explosion can also go off somewhere near the zombie which can leave the zombies legs almost paralyzed. Crawlers usually don't live long as they can die shortly afterwards.


Some zombies prefer to run at you and make a vicious attempt to eliminate you at all costs. Runners obviously run at you to have a greater chance of infecting you. Because of this you might not percieve their presence and can usually chase you around until you kill it or it kills you.


These zombies are known to be depicted in zombie videogames (Like Left for Dead 1 and 2). It would add a better understanding to your knowledge of how much zombies are actually out there.


This zombie, becuase of its extremely weird mutations, has caused it to produce immense quantities of bile, which then attempts to vomit on survivors near or around the zombies surroundings.The bile can then temporarily blind the survivor which can lead to even worse situations like not being able to survive becuase of lack of eyesight. This zombie is extremely bloated and infected too which makes this zombie quite disgusting. They tend to appear sometimes as boss zombies and can deal a deadly amount of harm.


This zombie has a tendancy to be really dangerous at times as it can inflict harm and damage from long distances. The Spitter zombie's mutations enable it to spit out some sort of mutated stomach acid, which when hitting the ground turns into a pool of acid. This, in turn would probably injure you severely if you had any exposure to the acid or could even kill you.


This zombie is probably one of the biggest and most feared zombies among the infected as its abnormal increase of muscle mass and its incredible agility and speed makes this zombie one of the most dangerous and most powerful zombies out there. The increased muscle mass the zombie has can serve as the Tank's both weapon and armor. As a weapon, the muscle gives the Tank inhuman strength which can lead to destruction and chaos when ever encountered but on the other hand, it serves as the Tank's defensive body armor, protecting his vital organs from gunfire whenever attacked. As you can see, taking a tank down is extremely hard and requires thought and strategy but it isn't impossible.


The thing about Chargers is that they are, in a way similar to Tanks. The Charger's mutations appear similar to the Tank's mutations in terms of increased muscle mass. The Charger's right arm and shoulder have grown to a massive size and had increased in thickness too, resulting in his right hand becoming extremely swollen cuasing stubby fingers. His left arm, on the other hand, has shrunk or atrophied to the point of being useless (possibly from his body breaking it down to add bulk to his right arm), hanging uselessly along the Charger's side and flapping around with every movement the Charger makes. The Chargers lower body also seemed to have less exposure to the mutations it had experienced, as the Chargers left leg was the only part in his body that gained any extra increase of muscle. The slight leg mutations are possibly to balance the Charger, equalizing the weight distribution throughout the body, which in this case is important so he can remain upright. The Chargers preferred method of attack is basically to charge at any near survivor he sees (hence the name Charger). This may cause tremendous amounts of injuries to survivers if they were actually attacked full on, that is, if they were to be attacked. The Charger can sometimes miss which would be lucky for the surviver as the Charger will inflict pain on himself while crashing into nearby objects and therefore defeat himself.


Hunters sometimes prefer to attack alone as they look for injured survivors that look to be in tight situations. Hunters usually appear in faded blue hoodies, the hoodie always over their face and dark brown sweatpants which makes Hunters have a stalker like look. The limbs of the Hunters outfit are battened down with duct tape, in a manner similar to Traceurs, practitioners of parkour, the duct tape might also help with lessening wind resistance too as the Hunter is really active. The Hunter is probably one of the least affected by its mutations, but don't be fooled as Hunters posses an increase in lower-body strength as well as added strength. The Hunter, not creating massive muscle growth though, still has the ability to repeatedly jump and pounce from long distances and rapidly scale the sides of buildings with ease as well as toughen its legs in order to withstand great distances and heights. With these abilities, the Hunter can pose a threat to any nearby survivor around him and possibly inflict fatal damage to that survivor.

Hopefully this page gave you a better understanding of the diverse universe of zombies out there; although there are still decent amounts of zombies that weren't explained on this page.

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