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On this website, you will find useful information on what audiogames are, how we should start waking up developers now about us, and so on. Our goal is to wake up developers, and our goal is to make them aware of things we are already are aware of... Please note that my website is aligned to the left, because that is how a screenreader reads it. This site will cover screenreaders later on.

How we will make this happen

we will make this happen. I know we will. However their has to be resources behind it.

Why blind people need this

We need this in the blind community. Several developers have not been doing what they should have been doing long time ago in the first place, making games and their other apps accessible. First off, while your targetted audience should be the sighted community, where is the blind prospectiv of thinggs in this case? Where is the blind prospective side of things in this equation? It is not there, and it should be there! That is where the blind world order come in. We all as a comunity need to not just sit here and take this and say, Oh things are gonna get better when things in actuality are not. Maybe some things will get better, but other things, not so much. Like I said earlier, that is where the comunity come in.

If people can do audio described movies and TV shows, then they should be doing it for games

If people are willing and able to do it for TV shows, they should be willing and able to do it for games. They should be adding the following elements
They should be adding 3D audio elements so that the blind person can find items, objects, and moving enemies. Yes, you can add your visual elements as well, but make sure you add 3d audio, and we will see how the 3d audio is progressing. If the 3D audio isn't progressing well, then will make a few ajustments. We are willing and able to test your game if it contains 3D audio elements.

Screenreader support

you can find our screenreader page here,

here but to explain it simpler terms,

A screenreader is a piece of software for the computer that has to be installed. It allows the blind user to navagate a computer or mobile device such as an iPhone, iPad, iPod, Android ETC. Screenreaders can also be built in and also intigrated with the Os [Opperating system], such as mac. Windows has a built in screenreader called narrator which is becoming better, but I always recommend screenreaders that have to be installed,, simply because it was created before that screenreader.


I just want to take the time to give credit to Apple. You did it Apple. You did it! You made your products and you actually took the time to create your products accessible!

Native instruments is another cool company and it is accessible. They make accessible products that blind people can use. While their app might not be accessible, some of the hardware is.

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We hope that you will find this site useful, and we also hope that the resources that we provide will be helpful to developers and sighted people in general!