What are audiogames exactly?


audiogames are games designed for the blind comunity. They are games that use 3D/2D audio so that the blind person can find different things such as items, enemies, and other things ETC.

visual elements

most audiogames do not have any visual elements, however their are some that do, so that the sighted can play them also. But, sighted people can play audiogames,, they just have to get some training of where sounds are in the stareo field to enjoy the experience.

Do audiogames use the same type of code such as Python, c++, ETC?

Yes, of course they use the same type of code, python, swift, C++, ETC. Only thing is in Python, you have to add some sounds to it, and add some special moduals to it. So yes, audiogames use the same code you use, so you doln't need to change anything like that

Developers need to be doing this

If developers do not do this, then blind people are not able to enjoy the experience. The only thing, I repeat the only thing you guys need to do is to add 3D audio elements. As we've said in our privous pages, we are willing and we are able to test some of the bugs/tweeks it needs, errors in code, errors in audio and things like that, but that is basicly it. If developers just listened to us and stopped being so ignerent, then I'm sure we would have seen this. Sadly we've not.

A few examples of Audiogames that use this type of audio

I encourage all of you to make your apps accessible, because their is a market for it. Some people think that their isn't a market for audiogames and other apps in general or games that are accessible, but I'm telling you their is. A good example of this would have to be Circus master's revenge, an iOS accessible game, used with voiceover and it's own self-voiced screenreader. You shoot clowns with 3D audio, and some graphics, but mostly 3D audio elements. You can download it here if you are interested in shooting the circus freeks, AKA clowns and other enemies here.

Download now, and be prepared to shoot the circus enemies!


Audiowizards is another iOS accessible game. It is of course, accessible with voiceover. It is an audiogame, an RPG audiogame, where you need to save the world from distortions, along with your friend who is helping you along the way, Sondoman. He is a wizard himself, and he is teaching you to become an Audiowizard. This, also comes with an endless mode where you can get the highest score possible. Are you ready to fight for your life, and possibly the world in this distortion elemental killing game? Well be ready!

Credit goes to Mentalvision and Mytruesound!

Credit goes to the following companies!

Mentalvission Mytruesound Mentalvision is one of the companies, who created CMR [Circus Master's revenge]. Mytruesound did create a game at first, however it was not reeally good, however they were able to fix that with a game called Audiowizards, and I give credit to both of them

Here is a website that is dedicated to accessibility, audio and videogames, VR, assistive tech, ETC. Go to this website in order to learn about assistive tech and other things that are related to accessibility/audio gaming