What a screenreader is

As we've stated in the mainn page, a screenreader is a type of software that has to be either installed on to the computer, or it is built in. It serves as an accessible way to use different apps, play different games that are "accessible", ETC.

What a screenreader is programmed with

A screenreader is mainly coded in Python, or any other type of code

A few screenreaders I recommend would have to be the following

  1. NVDA
  2. JAWS
  3. system access
  4. voiceover
  5. NVDA, a screenreader that is way better then most other screenreaders, is a free and open-source screenreader
    JAWS is the second best screenreader, but it is stupid that you have to pay to use it. Um, that is rediculus and really the developers should think better about their consumers. You could be getting a mac for that price, but oh well I guess, to each their own
    System access is, well, a screenreader. But I do not know too much about it.
    Voiceover is one of the best screenreaders for the mac, and iOS. It was developed by Apple. They have done a great job at it. Yeah they are sure lacking on accessibility, but oh well. Important thing is though we can actually use it

Enforcement of accessibility in games and apps, useing screenreaders

Accessibility is the key to everything you do. If you forget about the accessibility, you are forgetting about the blind comunity, and you are forgetting about people with disabilities.