Top 5 Poisonous Spiders


Top 5 Poisonous Spiders: The Potency of their Venom
Spider Rank Causes.. Habitat
Brazilian Wandering spider 1 Breathing problems, asphyxiation, and death (death can occur even after antivenom has been given). Brazil
Six-Eyed Sand spider 2 Bleeding from skin, clots all over skin, and death. (also no antivenom as of now.) Africa/South America
Sydney Funnel-Web spider 3 Breathing problems, muscle problems, shivering, and death (1 child died in 15 minutes!) Sydney, Australia
Black Widow spider 4 Muscle spasms, temporary spine paralysis (rarely lethal, though). Worldwide
Redback spider 5 Headache, fever, nausea, and shivering (also rarely lethal). Australia