Spiders are some of the most abundant creatures on Earth. There are thousands of different types of spiders. Black Widow spiders, Brown Recluse spiders, even Jumping spiders! Spiders can be found all over the place. There might be one living in your house this very moment! Generally, spiders are thought of as these scary, deadly creatures. Most people will freak out at the sight of a spider. But what they don't know is that most spiders are shy creatures and are only searching for food. So you shouldn't be worried of a spider unless it's a top 5 poisonous spider or a really big spider. Those spiders tend to be the more agressive spiders. But still, don't freak out. Just be a bit careful when you're around them.

  1. Some general features most, if not all spiders have....
  2. -Eight legs
    -Spinnerets- for spinning webs
    -Spider silk- arguably their most famous trait. While it looks fragile, it's deceptively strong; some spider webs have even been used for bulletproof vests!
    -Multiple eyes- though they have many eyes, most spiders are nearly blind and can only see differences in light levels.

Fun Facts

  1. To tell if the spider near you is poisonous or not....
  2. -Check the fangs. If the fangs appear to be pinching together, like tongs, you have little to worry about.
    - If the fangs are curved downwards, particulary if the spider is big, don't think twice before getting help
  3. Not all spiders have poor eyesight.
  4. -The jumping spider's eyes are like a binocular's lenses.
  5. Spider silk has many uses
  6. - It can serve as a net for prey, and it can also serve as food when it gets worn out.