Airsoft is a sport or a recreational activity in which players eliminate players of the opposite team. This is done with firearm replicas discharging small (6mm),spherical, plastic balls called BBs. There are a few categories to choose from when going airsofting, for example C.Q.B (Close Quarter Battle),outdoors (outside), and Mil Slim (millitary Simulation) are all different styles. Between these categories there are many different game types, the most common ones include Team Death Match, Capture the Flag, Attack and Defend, Search and Destroy, President, and Hostage Rescue. The designated time for all these games varies from a minimum of 10 to 20 minutes to several hours depending on which style you choose. There is also a way to measure your gun's power or in other words how long and hard it will shoot in units called F.P.S. or feet per second. This can matter especially when playing in tournements or restricted airsoft fields where an F.P.S. limit is set. If you do get hit you'll feel a little sting and a small welt might be formed on your skin. Though no major damage should be caused when wearing the right protection.

Weapon Specs

Airsoft weapons differ from semi-automatic to automatic guns and even replica explosives. Although the most common ones are semi-automatic pistols, automatic S.M.G.'s, and automatic assault rifles. A gun can also be classified by its shootintg mechanism. For example most begginer guns use a normal spring action mechanism to launch the BB; although the launch won't be as hard compared to a gas powerd gun they are easier to reload, less lethal and less expensive. Spring airsoft will always semi-automatic because the spring mechanism is designed to only cock one BB in the barrel at a time. Other airsoft guns can use gas to propell the BB out of the barrel. The most common gas is CO2 although there are two similar kinds that can work as well, green gas and red gas. There is not much difference between green and red gas aside that green gas should only be used with guns that use green gas and red gas should only be used with guns that use red gas. Green and red gasses are also less powerful than CO2, last less and are more expensive and rare to find. CO2 is probably the most common gas for gas powerd guns on the market it is also the cheapest and most reliable. This gas is sold using small 12g capsules containing the CO2, these capsules can be sold in small boxes containing 15 or 25 of them and best of all each capule can give you 50-60 shots depending on how fast you use it. AEG's (Automatic Electric Guns) are another common way to fire a BB, these guns usually use a battery or electric mechanism. In addition they are usually fully automatic which indicate that you can hold the trigger the gun will keep shooting unitl you let the trigger go. AEG's can be fully automatic but that doesn't mean they can't have a semi-automatic mode, this is when only one shot will be fired every time you press or hold the trigger which can help when not wanting to use or waste a whole lot of BBs.


There is a variety of different protection available for the player to wear. This protection can include covering the face, chest/back, legs, feet and even the hands. Full body protection kits are also available if you choose to buy your all your items at once. Masks are a popular way to protect your face; they can vary from thick full head masks, full face and half face masks or just basic goggles and glasses. A full head mask will protect your face and head better than a basic face mask which will only cover the front of your face or a half face mask which will only cover the bottom part of your face (mouth,chin,and cheeks). You might want to pair the half face mask with another item of face protection like goggles or glasses so the chance of getting welts can be reduced. Goggles are also another alternative for face protection but there is a risk that your forehead and lower face will be exposed to more hits along when wearing basic airsoft glasses. Chest padding can vary in many ways as well; from light and heavy chest protectors to chest rigs and tactical vests which can be used to carry gear or a secondary weapon. With a chest rig or tactical vest you can carry gear like ammunition magazines, sound grenades, and a secondary or even tertiary weapon. When in battle it is also recommended to be wearing leg protection. This will minimize the tiny,sharp pain from the BB's when you are hit in the legs or lower body; again, leg protection is recommended if you're sensitive and uncomftorable with the feeling of being hit overall. Leg protection starts with basic pants (which is enforced when going to play airsoft or painball), you can then add another set of thicker pants on top or choose to wear knee pads on the knees for more comfort while neeling or just for overall knee protection. Protecting your feet is also very important, you can start doing this by making sure you wear the right shoes. Boots are probably the one of the best types of shoes when going "airsofting"; in particular because they provide great outer protection and traction whlie running or interacting in the battlefield. In addition boots can keep your feet comftorable and dry. Finally there are the hands, protecting your hands can sometimes be important because nobody likes to have swollen fingers when holding a gun in battle; gloves can also give you better grip when holding weapons. You can buy basic airsoft gloves or heavy duty armored ones that will cost more but will better protect your hands and give you better gripping of weapons.

Game Styles

The most popular game styles fall into 3 categories: C.Q.B,Outdoors, and Mil Slim. C.Q.B or Close Quarter Battle is usually played in an indoor facility and the maximum muzzle velocity is 350 F.P.S.or feet per second; this is because you are obviously playing in a closed environment and it would be dangerous if the F.P.S. limit were to high. C.Q.B. matches frequently have four player teams and tend to be the shortest of these three styles. As the player you can also choose to play outdoors which obviosly takes place outside; these matches will last longer and have the map be larger in size. Because of this F.P.S. limits are loosened and are usually set between 400 and 500 F.P.S.; players are then broken down into two teams and start playing for a few hours. Military Simulations (or Mil Slim for short) are just what they sound like, simulations mimicking objectives that the military might do on a battlefield. If you are quite the serious airsofter simulations like these can be fun and enduring. If you're a first-timer and want to try them for fun you might want to research the specific event or simulation you wish to attend so you can be more sure about the gameplan. Military Simulations can also have varying regulations and last for several hours from time to time.