Holi is the festival of color. It is widespread throughout India and is presently celebrated in a few other countries as well. On Holi people come together and celebrate by taking colored powder and putting it on each other as well as spraying colored water on each other. Then there is a parade. In the parade, money is thrown into the air (coins) and children run to pick the money up as everyone sings and parades around enjoying the colors and their family. It is said that the mischievous Lord Krishna started the tradition of playing holi by applying color on his love Radha to make her like him.

How to have an amazing holi celebration:
Powder of all bright colors that you can mix in water or put straight on the person
An idol of Lord Krishna or another Hindu god you worship
A popular dairy based drink common on Holi
White clothing
Wearing white will allow the colors to be bright
Loved ones
Celebrations are all more fun with friends and family. The more the merrier!

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