Indian Festivals

There are many Indian festivals throughout the year. Festivals are a big part of Indian culture. Many are religious and follow a special Indian calendar. There is a lot of history and a deeper meaning in all the festivals and celebrations. The main religion of India is Hinduism. Hinduism is a polytheistic religion meaning there are many gods. Gods are usually nature based but there are gods of things like wealth. There are many states and territories in India. Over 30 states and territories that speak different languages and lead different lifestyle. Each of these regions has different traditions and often times they believe in certain gods more than others.

National Flower Some Examples:
State Main God
Gujrat Krishna
Maharashra Sai Baba
Mumbai Ganesh


Common Clothing:
Male Female
Young(20- years) Adult(20+) Young(20- years) Adult(20+)
Traditional Kurta
Traditional Suit
Traditional Salvar
Traditional Sari

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