FastBreak into Basketball

What is Basketball

Basketball is a team sport. Two teams of five players on a court try to score by shooting a ball in 10 foot elevated hoop. If your team does not have the ball then your on defense. If your team does have the ball then your on offense.


There are five players on the court at a time. No physical contact is allowed. Anywhere inside the three-point line is worth two points. Anywhere outside the three-point line is worth three points. When a player is fouled while shooting, he/she shoots two free throws. Each free throw is worth one point. Each game is divided into quarters except college. In the NBA, there are 4 quarters with played with 12 minutes. In College, there are 2 halves instead of quarters and it is played with 20 minutes.

Player Positions

Point Guard: A Point Guard is mainly the smallest player on the court unless your Magic Johnson. Most point guards are usually to about 5"6 to 6"4. Magic Johnson was around 6"6 as a point guard. Point Guards take contol of the game and have good dribbling skills. It's their job to bring the ball down the court and set up offensive plays. They also need to see the court to get assists and have the ability to shoot the ball from the perimeter(3 point line). On defense it's their job to defend on the perimeter to get steals.

Shooting Guard: Shooting Guards are mainly like point guards but a little taller like around 6"5 to 6"8. They need to be able to shoot 20% better than point guards and small fowards. If the defense is on a full court press then it's the shooting gurad's job to help the point guard to get the ball from the inbounder.

Small Foward: Your next tallest guys on the court are small fowards. Their main job on the court is to get free for a pass and and take outside shots. They also need to be able to get rebounds and preventing drives to the basket.

Your next tallest guys are Power Fowards and Centers. They are regularly positioned under or near the basket. It's their job to get rebounds and get putbacks on offense. They also need to use post moves in the post. They need to set screens for guards who need to get open and score. Their job on defense is to block shots and get rebounds. They need to keep the ball away from the post so the other team doesnt get closer to the basket.

Basketball Pic

Number Player Position
6 Lebron James Small Foward
35 Kevin Durant Small Foward
12 Dwight Howard Center
3 Chris Paul Point Guard
41 Dirk Nowitzki Power Foward
24 Kobe Bryant Shooting Guard

Fitness and Conditioning

Basketball is a fast-paced game that involves alot of running. To be a basketball player you have to run up and down the court without stopping unless its a free throw. You also need to learn how to rest. Rest means that you need to control your breathing. Never keep your head down when you need a rest so your lungs give your air and take big deep breathes. For most guards, they should be more conditioned on the court because they are smaller and faster than fowards and centers. Guards should be the fastest ones on the court and the fowards and centers are usually the slowest people with low stamina. Fowards and Centers should be built and have more muscle than guards so they can get into the paint and get rebounds and putbacks.

Fouls and Violations

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