"Moo may represent an idea, but only the cow knows." - Mason Cooley

Our Lives Impacted by Cattle

Picture of a calf

Cattle make a huge difference in our world. Our lives are impacted in many ways, good and bad, by cattle. They have been a prevalent part of agriculture since ancient times. Cattle have had their place in cultures all over the world.

Even today, cattle play a large part in our society. Economies all around the world are impacted greatly by cattle. The cattle are of great value in our world.

Cattle As Part of Our Economy

Cattle make up a major food staple in the modern world. Large corporations, such as McDonalds, Burger King, and other fast food chains, are dependent on cattle for much of the food they sell.

Picture of many cows in a field

Top 10 Countries with Highest Cattle Meat Production in 2013 in Metric Tons
USA 11,752,000
Brazil 9,675,000
European Union 7,384,000
China 6,700,000
India 3,800,000
Argentina 2,850,000
Australia 2,359,000
Mexico 1,808,000
Pakistan 1,630,000
Russia 1,380,000
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