Picture of a Holstein cow

One of the most recognizable cattle is the Holstein cattle, known for its black and white colors. They weigh 1,500 pounds when grown. They are native to Germany.


Picture of a Jersey cow

Make up approximately 7% of the dairy cow population. They weigh between 800 and 1,200 pounds when grown. They are native to Britain's Jersey Islands.


Picture of an Ayrshire cow

Once famous for their large horns, which are now polled, or dehorned, as calves. They weigh about 1,200 pounds when grown. They are native to Scotland.

Brown Swiss

Picture of a Brown Swiss cow

The Brown Swiss is often used in cheesemaking. They range in color from brown, gray, tan, and sometimes a light beige. They weigh between 1,300 and 1,400 pounds at maturity. Thet are native to Switzerland.

Highest Cattle Population by Region in 2013
India 327,100,000
Brazil 203,273,000
China 104,205,000
United States 89,300,000
European Union 87,106,000
Argentina 51,095,000
Columbia 30,576,000
Australia 29,000,000
Russia 19,981,000
Mexico 18,521,000
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