Welcome to Nerfopia!

October 24, 2012Posted by Joemoe408


This is Nerfopia, your #1 source for all things nerf and cool. Here you can find reviews, unboxings, mod guides, etc for nerf blaster and foam dart shooters alike. You can also visit our blog Nerfopia.blogspot to see our dedicated members at work. You can visit our gallery to see all the smexy pics of all the blasters we've discussed through our members, modded or not. You can also see go to our photo gallery to view other accessories, darts, and events that our members have done as well. Hope You Enjoy :)

Buzz Bee Panther

August 10, 2012Posted by Joemoe408


Just a few days ago, Buzz Bee has just realesed a new blaster The Panther. It's an air blaster that is very reminisent of the SSPB or Secret shot pocket blaster. Like the SSPB, it has a pump with an integrated tank that. The blaster has a maximum # of 10 pumps before the OPRV kicks in. What's amazing is the fact that it hits the claimed ranges of 45 feet with a tiny angle. Now for the fuin part. By using a dremel and a percise cut by the barrel, you can take out the heavy duty AR leving you with a barrel ready for a CPVC coupler. With it in place and some goop to seal it also with the addition of an 8" CPVC barrel, all you have to do now is add some hot glue to plug the pump. Once you've regreased everything you now have a tiny blaster that shoots farther then the century mark at about 13+ pumps. At 10 it hits over 90 feet and at 15 pumps (max i would give it) it hits over 110+ feet. It's a great sidearm and loner pistol for many others to use and I reccommend you buy it when you have the chance. Happy Modding :)

Locations to find material

August 2, 2012Posted by Joemoe408


As a long time nerfer, I've had a long experience with finding all the materials needed to mod most blasters. They range from Buzz Bee, ERTL, Nerf, etc. To give my thanks for being a long time member i present the locations for all mod material! First off, Home Depot, you can find a lot of stuff here. They include, PVC, PVC couplers, wood planks, screws washers, bolts, o-rings and heavy duty springs of all sizes. At Lowes, you can find pretty much everything that Home Depot has but has one exception, CPVC. That's what makes Lowes probably the ideal place to find stuff you need. They have all types of sizes and accessories for both CPVC and PVC. They are all high quality and can last for a long time. Another place to find material is McMaster. They only way you can buy their material is by going to their website and ordering the materials you want. Downside is that they don't ship to Canada :(. Most hobby shops like Michaels or any similar place will have felt, paint, and extra materials to make your blasters look awesome.