There's two types of trolling. One that happens on the internet and the one that happens in real life.

In Real Life or IRL (I Really Lackattyping):


- lenless glasses

- extremely baggy pants

- invisble mask


- cocky

- mischievous

- creepy

- literal


- uses acronyms when speaking

- creates a website about trolling

- reads this website

- uses noice


- reads the 7th book of Harry Potter before reading the rest

In the Internet:


- proceed to send everyone a message complaining about why he/she recieved 3 emails after creating a gmail account


- comment on how the video was terrible and that you could do better

- comment on how you were the 301 viewer

- comment on your own video saying nice things


- play League of Legends, wait wrong catagory, this was supposed to be in "how to flame"

- friendly fire on

- take the game as if it were a life or death situation

- act as the opposite gender

- type "im asian smurf, i carry" then proceed to afk, afterwards tell them you did carry, it was just the wrong side

- name must be a meme

- use puns

- bm


- copy top comment and proceed to get free karma

- spend your whole time on reddit to try to get free karma by posting a hot topic before anyone else

- when creating your reddit account it must include a t, r, o and 2 l's in this order

- use memes all the time


- playlist is full of Justin Beiber, One Direction, Miley Cyrus, and those other american artists that I totally know the name of

- listens to a bunch of hardcore dubstep at max volume

- listens to Korean - pop around their group of friends who think Kpop is gay

- listens to the openings of anime shows


- watches Frozen on a daily schedule