WTF is a Troll?

  • a mythical creature that dwells in caves or under bridges ambushing their prey
  • a four letter word
  • a person on the internet who's intention is to bring misery to others
  • a trolley minus an e and a y
  • you when you finish reading everything on this website

Which one?

If you are still having trouble which troll definition I am talking about... I mean I did give you context with the title... If you are stll reading this then give yourself a pat on the back for being incredibly brainless.

  1. Go to Wilcox High School
  2. Register as a foreign student
  3. Go east of the cafeteria when facing the outside
  4. There you see a bridge. Now play hopscotch on the bridge
  5. Sing I'll Make a Man Out of You from the movie Mulan once you are by the theater
  6. Walk an exact amount of 1337 steps until you arrive at 7-Eleven
  7. Buy sunglasses and a slurpee. NOT PINEAPPLE, disgusting
  8. Walk out and proceed to say "mission accomplished" in a masculine way
  9. Return to Wilcox High School
  10. Give the slurpee to this super cool guy who goes by Ha
  11. Go to the restroom/bathroom
  12. Look in the mirror
  13. There's the troll
  14. Then give this website a 100%