Top 10 Online Games

At first when you play new games it's exciting and fresh but as time goes on it justs becomes boring and old as you grind continuously. So I compiled a list of online games for those who are looking for a new game to play. I have catagorized the games by you have to download the game or not. If you know a good game and you think it should be on here email me the name of the game and the website here.

Download Games
These are the games that require downloading. All of these games allow you to customize yourself and they require a game account to play. One of the most famous download game would be Maplestory.
Non-Download Games
These are games that require no downloading. Some of these games also requires a game account to play and some allows customizing your own character. A common example of browser games are the games found on Facebook or on the many gaming websites such as NotDoppler, ArmorGames, and Kongregate.