Vietnamese Food

Some of you might have tried vietnamese food or never tried it all! Well, i'm here to tell you about the wonderful world of vietnamese food. You might have noticed some vietnamese types of desserts or sweets found in store are often wrapped in bannana leaves, well it's just tradition to do that for the food to keep its freshness. Vietnamese recepies are mainly made on the base of herbs; such as lemongrass, mint, Vietnamese mint, long coriander and thai basil leaves. Vietnamese cooks tend to use all parts of the animal for their food, all parts such as the meat, bone,internal organs and skin.

Interesting Facts

  1. Beef, pork, chicken, fish and various kinds of seafood are used in most dishes
  2. Vietnamese cuisine involves the use of fish sauce, soy sauce, fresh herbs, fruits and vegetables
  3. Cakes are wrapped in banana or coconut leaves
  4. Spices used are often mild
  5. The beverage "lotus tea" is a commonly popular drink in vietnamese food
  6. During summer the food is lighter and a lot of vegetables are used in dishes
  7. Meanwhile in winter, pork and beef are used a lot
  8. Traditional vietnamese cookings are loved for the freshness
  9. Oil is used not often, so the meals are very healthy
  10. Their foods such as cakes are wrapped in a layer of bannana leaves
  11. Mint leaf is used extensively in most dishes to cleanse your palate
  12. Unlike Chinese spring rolls which can be oily at times and are generally made with wheat flour, Vietnamese spring rolls are made with rice flour and are very light on the palate