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What is Origami?

Origami is the art of folding paper

Some Fun Facts About Origami

  • It's possible to turn a piece of paper into something three dimensional.
  • The beginning of origami started since the 100s

What Can You Do with Origami?

Pretty much almost anything.

It's possible to make flowers, toys, animals and other things!

Different Variations of Origami

Golden Venture Folding
A type of modular origami that uses paper that is in the form of a triangle. It is also known as Chinese Paper Folding or 3D origami
Modular origami
Origami that uses multiple pieces of papers called units that are folded exactly the same to make something.
Action origami
Origami models that can move.
A type of origami that when folding paper, the paper is damp to create gentle curves.
A type of origami that you fold and cut.
Fabric Folding
It is origami with fabric instead of paper.

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