WindowsPC and Mac Comparison: Which is better for you?

PC stands for personal computer.There are many companies like Dell, Hewlett-Packard, Sony, that make PC that uses Microsoft Windows OS. Many people build their own desktop personal computer. A Mac is a PC that is manufactured only by Apple, and runs Apple's Mac OS X. When comparing PC to Mac, most people define pc as computers that use Windows OS. PC is computers that use Windows Operating System. One of the most suignificant differences in a PC and a Mac is the cost. PCs have the most versatile cost, and you can customize any PC or look for one to be as cheap or as pricy as you want it, with budget friendly components or powerful high-end components. A Mac, usually costs around 1,000 $ at its cheapest, so it's definitely not budget stuff, and because of Apple's non-distributable OS, it's not compatible with anything but other Apple peripherals. To take a closer look at what differentiates a Mac and a PC, here is a list of the basic things included in PC and a Mac. You are likely to to get more accessories when you buy a laptop, like a power brick to charge the laptop and occasionally a case to protect the frame of a laptop so most of the things included in this list will be what is normally included with a laptop.

  1. PC
  2. 1. Come with a plastic, sometimes partially or all metal, casing
  3. 2. Is included with touchpad
  4. 3. Includes either Microsoft Windows 7 or Windows 8
  5. 4.Includes a power adapter and power brick to charge the computer(laptops)
  6. 5. Has a keyboard
  7. Mac
  8. 1. Has an all aluminum frame costruction (unibody for the MacBooks)
  9. 2. Currently comes with Mac OS X 10.8.5 Mountain Lion and option for installing Windows 7 with Bootcamp app
  10. 3. Includes backlit keyboard and glass touchpad (MacBook)
  11. 4.Comes with MagSafe Power adapter for charging (MacBook)
This is a basic list of what you can expect to come with every PC and Mac, so it is not very specific. To get into detail, you might not know which is better for your needs. To be honest there's no real way to determine which is better because it would all depend on your specific usage of the computer. To give you a better idea of which might be better for you here is a table comparing PC and Mac prices with similar specs
Prices of PC and Mac Products with Similar Specs
PC (Microsoft Windows) Mac(OS X By Apple)
Acer E1 14 inch laptop MacBook Air
Intel Core i5 4200U 1.6 GHz Haswell Processor Intel Core i5 1.3 GHz Haswell Processor
4 GB RAM 1600 MHz 4 GB RAM 1333 MHz
750 GB HDD Hard Drive 128 GB SSD
6 Hour Battery Life 9 Hour Battery Life
Starting at 600$ Starting at 1000 $
As you can see you get much better value than the Macbook Air if you choose to get a PC as even with a lower price tag you get a faster processor and memory. The Mac only has better build quality and slightly higher battery life but even so, its not a practical choice for most consumers on a budget. PC Vs Mac: Comparison PC vs. Mac: Desktops 5 Reasons why PC is better then Mac Top of Page