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"Cross Country is like life; you have ups and downs, but in the end, you still die."
-Coach Van Zant

For some people, running is a requirement necessary to complete P.E., yet, for others, it is a way of life. Many runners say they run to clear their head, or simply because they crave the peace they find amidst the sound of only their footsteps and breathing pattern. Those who run often participate in at least either cross country or track in their high school careers, and some might continue to run through their years of college. The motivation, the drive, is what causes all runners to be able to pick up their feet after each painful, hard-earned step. Some might say that running itself is a physical sport, and, yes, this is true. However, mentality plays a big part in race times. The physical part of running is the pain you endure as you struggle to complete the last mile, yet, without your mind keeping you on track to reach your goal, you never would have been able to keep on pushing through the pain. For this reason, most runners would say that cross country and track are both mental sports since your own self-drive is what allows you to finish and complete each race you participate in.

Boys Running in Race

Many runners have said that music helps them keep on going, and, at times, encourages them to speed up. You might ask yourself, why is that the case? The answer is simple: music distracts runners. Instead of focusing on the physical pain, runners can allow themselves to concentrate on the sound of music allowing their brains become distracted. Since these runners would then be concentrating on a happy sound, they would go faster since their thoughts are no longer pessimistic. Something as simple as a happy thought or sound, can cause a runner to go faster. This explains why many cross country runners speed up when they hear the crowd cheering for them, yet slow down once they are all alone. To learn more about running with music, click on the link below.

Running and Music

The world record in the 1 mile is set by Hicham El Guerrouj at 3:43.13 in 1999. If you are not a professional runner however, you should not try to aim to beat this time. Instead you can look at the chart below that gives the average one and two mile times for healthy teenagers.

Average Mile Times for Boys and Girls in High School
1 mile 2 miles
Teen Boy 7:30 min or under 17 min or under
Teen Girl 9 min or under 20 min or under

If you want to learn more about the history of the world records in the mile click here.

Race Day

Cross Country vs. Track

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