3 L39 aircraft

Early jets

Many people look down at early jets like the Me262 and the Glosteor Meteor. Also the meteor was introduced during ww2 despite it being common knowledge that the me262 was
the only jet during WW2 but really there were others including the Meteor and the Arado 234b. The me262 was legendary but it really had a lot of issues, it accelerated poorly and
many other things were poor but it had a high top speed to dominate prop aircraft. An early design fault of both aircraft was the fact that the engines were on the wings, for high performance
aircraft it is more efficient for the engines to be close together for higher performance. Though they didn't know this would happen since they were creating the first jets ever. Though despite their design flaws they dominated prop aircraft especially the Me262. The Me262's took out hundreds of B-17s over germany in 1945.