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Play Station Games Review

Call Of Duty Modern Warfare

cod mw

Call Of Duty Modern Warfare is a first person shooter with a campaign and online multiplayer. The campaign is about the CIA and SAS operative trying to stop interference in a made up country called Urzikstan and stop a terrorist group called Al-Qatala. In the campaign, you play as 2 characters. In the first half you play as a Metropolitian Police Sergeant and in the second half you play as a CIA officer. The online multiplayer is also fun because there are many modes to play like Domination or Team Deathmatch. Sadly thay haven't added prop hunt like they did in Call Of Duty WWII. Prop hunt is basically when your character gets changed to a prop like a rock or a bucket and you have to hide and the other team has to find you. Over all the game is pretty good but I was expecting it to be a better game.

I rate this: 8/10

Call Of Duty WWII


Call Of Duty WWII is also a first person shooter with a Campaign, Multiplayer, and a Zombies mode. The campaign of this game is slightly different because you build bonds and freindship with the soldeirs who fight along side you. Another thing that's different is that there is no regeneration for health, but rather you have to get health packs and use them. In the Campaign you start of by landing in Normandy, then shoot your way to the Western Front, liberate Paris, cross the Rhine, and take part in the Battle Of Bulge. The multiplayer has the same modes as other Call Of Duty games but the best game mode is Prop hunt. There is also another game mode called Zombies. It is where you have to survive different waves of zombie hordes. Over all this game is very good.

I rate this: 10/10

BattleField 1


BattleFeild 1 is a first person shooter game based on the events of World War 1. This game has both a multiplayer mode and a campaign. The campaign only has 4 chapters and will take you 5 hours to complete if your playing regularly. Each chapter is based on a different scenario in WWI playing as different characters each with their own personality. There are many modes for multiplayer like there is for many other games. The main modes are Conquest and Team Deathmatch. Conquest is a 32 vs 32 domination game where you have to capture different objectives. Team Deathmatch is whichever team gets the least deaths and the most kills wins.

I rate this: 9/10

Spider Man


Spider Man is a game with only a campaign and not a multiplayer. In the campaign you dont go through Uncle Ben's death but rather you play as a Peter Parker Who now has a job and has to save the city from bad guys. The gameplay is very fun and the best part is swinging around Manhattan. The main campaign will take about 15 hours and there are also side quests you can play. Over all this game is very good.

I rate this: 9/10

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