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Llamas vs. Alpacas


  1. closely related
  2. rasied for their fiber
  3. originated from south america
  4. gestation period is 11 months
  5. alpacas are maily kept for fur while llamas can be guard animals against intruders and predators
  6. both are easy to train
  7. can communicate through posture, ear, and tail movements
  8. foot stamp, kick, and spit when aggresive
  9. two toes on each foot and padded feet


  1. llamas are valued for their strength and endurance while alpacas are more valued for their soft fleece
  2. alpacas were exported from South America a century after llamas
  3. llamas are larger than alpacas
  4. llamas have long ears while aplacas have shorter ears
  5. alpacas are herd animals while llamas are more independent
  6. alpacas produce more finer fiber than llamas
  7. llamas have longer faces than alpacas
  8. alpacas produce more fleece than llamas
  9. alpacas cost more

Physical Characteristics

Characteristic Llamas Alpacas
height About 6ft About 3ft
weight 280-450lbs 100-175lbs

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