Gender Roles and Cinnamon Rolls; the Breakdown

What are Gender Roles?

A set of restrictions placed upon a person based upon their actual or perceived gender that dictate what is appropriate and inappropriate in regards to their behavior. For instance, stating that a cis-woman is always overemotional and needy simply because she is a cis-women would be characterizing a women simply due gendered stereotype of women behaving in a very temperamental manner, could fall be considered a gender role; not every woman is emotional, just like many men are.

What are Cinnamon Rolls?

A sweet and sugary baked good made of flour, cinnamon, sugar, and butter.

How Cinnamon Rolls Relate to Gender Roles.

You may be wondering what cinnamon rolls and gender roles have in common, and the truth is that they have nothing in common, except for the fact that "rolls" and "roles" are homophones. Cinnamon rolls are a fluffy baked good, after all, while gender roles are a constraint placed upon people to keep them conformed to a society which has arbitrarily decided which items are ok for whatever gender to enjoy. But not even one hundred years ago, a blink in the eye in human history, women were seen as the only ones who could make those cinnamon rolls. They were not allowed to enter the worlds of math, and science, and literature, and education the same way that men were allowed to. In many of the places considered to be first-world countries, these limitations have been lifted in theory, but the clear discrepancies in the number of men and women participating in the various job fields shows that there must be an issue somewhere in the system. The fact that there are countries where women are not allowed to drive shows that there must be an issue somewhere in the world. By telling children what life expects them to become, what life expects to like, it keeps them from doing the things they want to do, the things that could better the world. When people are given a voice, amazing things happen. People whose interests, whose life paths, are repeated to them like a metronome cannot truly live up to their, for lack of a better word, potential. So maybe if words are not forced into people's mouths, they can stop fighting to speak around the beliefs making them choke.