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FISM World Championships

Every three years, the "Olympics of Magic" takes place. Officially, it is known as the Fédération Internationale des Sociétés Magiques World Championships of Magic, or more casually known as the FISM Championships. Awards are given to the best magician in each category, and are very prestigious. Here are the winners of the major categories from the last three championships.

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2015 2012 2009
Grand Prix Stage Hector Mancha Yu Ho Jin Soma
Grand Prix Close-up Pierric Yann Frisch Shawn Farquhar
Manipulation Hector Mancha Yu Ho Jin Yo Kato
General Magic Young-Min Kim Marko Karvo Soma
Close-up Card Magic Shin Lim Jan Logeman Shawn Farquhar
Stage Illusions Alexis Arts Marcel Prince of Illusions Julius Frack