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Top Twenty Magic Performances

The rise of YouTube means that anyone with an internet connection can watch world class magic for free. Here is my compilation of my twenty favorite magic tricks.

20. Francis Menotti

Menotti tries to fool the two greats, Penn & Teller, using Scrabble and big words.

19. Michael Vincent

Michael Vincent, also on Penn & Teller Fool Us, performs a great card trick.

18. Jamie Raven

Jamie Raven performs a series of close-up miracles on Britain's Got Talent.

17. Christian Farla

Christian Farla wows with his illusions on Britain's Got Talent.

16. Smoothini

Smoothini amazes the America's Got Talent judges with his close-up ring magic.

15. Mat Franco

Mat Franco, winner of America's Got Talent 2014, performs the classic bottle glass effect.

14. Mike Hammer

Comedy magician Mike Hammer attempts to fool Penn and Teller using a prediction effect.

13. Jason Latimer

This effect won Jason Latimer FISM World Champion titles in Close-up magic and Invention and Design, as well as the Grand Prix World Champion of Magic title.

12. Kostya Kimlat

I'll tell you the secret to this trick, but it'll Kostya.

11. Joel Meyers & Spidey

A sleight of hand specialist and a mentalist join forces in hopes of fooling Penn and Teller.

10. Penn and Teller

Penn & Teller tell a story with a deck of cards.

9. Darcy Oake

Darcy Oake drops jaws with his manipulation act on Britain's Got Talent.

8. Ben Seidman

Ben Seidman, another comedy magician, also appears on Fool Us.

7. Jon Armstrong

Jon Armstrong performs a very original card trick on Fool Us.

6. Shin Lim

This is Shin Lim's tribute to the victims of the 2015 Paris terrorist attacks.

5. Stevie Pink

Stevie Pink performs an impossible stage levitation on Britain's Got Talent.

4. Smoothini

Smoothini returns to my list for a piece of bar magic on America's Got Talent.

3. Shawn Farquhar

The 2009 FISM Grand Prix Close-up and Card Magic Champion brings his favorite trick to Fool Us.

2. Gazzo

The hilarious street magician shares his take on the Cups and Balls.

1. Paul Daniels

The legend, Paul Daniels, performs a variation of the Cups and Balls called the Chop Cup.

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