The Art of the Goalie

Hockey pads

Name of Pad Body Part it Protects
Blocker Legs
Trapper Dominant Hand
Chest and Arm Protecter Chest and Arms
Jock Pelvic Area
Mask Face and Head
Skates Feet and Ankles
Stick Doesn't protect anything, but a very useful piece of equipment

General Information About The Goalie Position

The goalie is the player who wears the most equipment. This is because the goalie has to block shots up to 100 miles per hour. Because of this the goalie is considered the most valuable player on a team because if he doesn't let up any goals then, assuming your team scores at least once, the team will win.

The top 10 Best Goalies in the National Hockey League

Places Goalies Have to Block

  • 1-Hole
  • 2-Hole
  • 3-Hole
  • 4-Hole
  • 5-Hole
  • Name of Hole Location of Hole
    1-Hole Top Right
    2-Hole Bottom Right
    3-Hole Top Left
    4-Hole Bottom Left
    5-Hole Bottom Center

    More Information on the goalie position

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