Other Positions in Hockey

The Positions

The Right Wing

The Right Wing position plays on the right side and is usually played by a left-handed shooter. The main goal for the right wing is o score and assist goals. These players are also some of the fastest in the league.

Some Right Wing Players

The Left Wing

The Left Wing is similar to the Right Wing except they play on the left side and players are usually right-handed.

Some Left Wing Players

The Center

The center position plays up front and in the center. It doesn't matter what dominant hand they are for the center position. The centertakes all the faceoffs which start play after stoppages and new periods. The main goal for the center is to assist goals and by the main runner of the offense. He controls the team and calls the shots.

Some Center Players

The Defenseman

Th denfenseman usually plays in the back. There are 2 defenseman playing at one time. Left-handers play on the left and Right-handers on the right. The main goal for the defenseman is to stop the the other team from scoring; besides the goalie the defenseman arethe last line of defense.

Some Defenseman

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