Ice hockey is a complicated sport. There are many aspects to this game. This website will hopefully inform you about three parts of it. The first and most important are the rules of the sport. If you don't know the rules, it is really difficult to play the game. Even though it is similar in some ways to soccer, the rules are completely different. The next part is about the mechanics of offense. This is important because in each position, except goalie, you need to know how to shoot, pass, and skate. For example, as defensemen, there are times when you have to shoot. The last part is about the mechanics of defense. A lot of people say that hockey is two way sport, which means that you have to play defense, to get on offense. As a result of this, even wing player or centers have to get back on defense. In conclusion, hockey is a complicated sport to play, but these are just a couple tips to help you understand hockey better.

A great save being made

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