Obviously, if you donít score goals, you wonít win hockey games. Make sure you're passing and shooting the puck quickly and accurately to make the most of your hockey team's offense. The more goals you get, the less pressure it puts on your defensemen and goalie. Use these guidelines to help:

  1. The younger or shorter the player, the shorter the pass.
  2. Cradle the puck with your stick when you receive it, so it won't bounce off.
  3. Donít pass to the player; pass to where he or she is going. And try to put the puck near the recipientís stick.
  4. Whenever possible, keep your passes on the ice. But if you must elevate the puck to get it to your teammate, try to make it land flat on the ice so it's easier to receive. When the puck is bouncing, it is very hard to stop it.
  5. Donít pass over two lines; thatís against the rules, and the official will blow the whistle. Then heíll call a face-off, most likely in your defensive zone.

Plays You Should Try

In hockey, there are plays that could improve your game. It will most likely help organize your team so that you can score more goals. This offense combined with good defense will help you win more games.

The first one is called the triangle offense. This requires crisp passes so be cautious of that. One of your teammates positions himself behind the net. The other two are on opposite sides of the goalie. The player behind the net has the puck first. Then he/she, gives the puck two one of his two teammates. Next, the player with the puck, will then proceed to set up his 3rd teammate for a perfect one-timer.

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The next play I will explain is called a basic powerplay play. A powerplay is when the other team is penalized by having one of their player sit out, creating a 4 on 5 or a 3 on 5 situation. During this play you will need your defensmen right in front of the blue line, or high slot. One of them will start out with the puck. You should try to position yourself in the slot, or even a little closer. If a shot is open the defensemen should take, and you should try to deflect it in. If there isn't a shot available, he should pass it back towards you. If you still can't find a shot then give up back to the other defensemen, so he can take a shot.

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